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The ways of Dante Alighieri
The historical places related to the memory of the Supreme Poet
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The ways of Unesco World Heritage Monuments
The supreme craftsmanship of mosaic art
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The ways of Archaeology
The glorious past of Ravenna through its archaeological witnesses
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The ways of the Mosaics
In museums, Unesco World Heritage monuments, along the streets and much more
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Unesco World Heritage

In Ravenna is a Unesco site with no less than eight World Heritage monuments.

Built between the 5th and the 6th century a.D., they testify a period of greatness, during which Ravenna — crossway between the East and the West — became three times capital.

As soon as you visit the Unesco monuments, you will see the beauty that in a remote past inspired many poets and visitors. The sparkle of the golden mosaics and the harmony of their architecture amaze still today thousands of visitors.


Museums and Libraries

Most of the Ravenna museums and libraries are inside huge and ancient monasteries.

Originally, they were part of the abbey, today they are a cultural activity heart, faithful memory custodians.


Urban Art

Contemporary creativity in Ravenna finds expression in many ways. Art is not just in its monuments, but also in the piazzas, streets, courtyards, gardens and on the house walls. Unusual tours show the beauty of Ravenna’s urban art to discover today’s inspiration and its ancient recalls.

From the headquarters of the city dock to the gate Porta Adriana, from the stadium to the Brancaleone Fortress: the city is a real open-air museum, with works by Italian and international artists.


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Ravenna has a great wealth of historical monuments and buildings.
Let yourself be inspired and discover the main tourist attractions of this ancient capital, both of Europe and of the Mediterranean.

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