Getting around Ravenna

On Foot

Walking down the streets is maybe the best way to visit Ravenna. The city centre features a wide pedestrian area, and it’s easy to lose yourself, strolling around all those monuments. Once ancient waterways, the alleys are today charming and welcoming urban places.

On foot, slowly, you will discover a universe of peace and tranquillity. Just pay attention to the bikers, who speed by, or —why not—you too can visit the city as a local: on a bike.

By Bike

Visiting Ravenna on a bike means discovering both the city and its surrounding, combining ecology and pleasure. Thanks to the network of cycle lanes departing from the city centre, you can reach the nine seaside resorts of the Ravenna coastline.

Along the itinerary you will see suggestive places, breathtaking views, landscapes of unblemished nature and historic relics.



Cover long distances on foot, as in the past, and rediscover the pleasure of walking, of savouring slowness and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Ravenna is a destination and stop of many trails and pilgrimage routes that cross Emilia-Romagna, first of all the trail dedicated to Dante Alighieri.

Local Public Transport

Ravenna city centre and all the surrounding towns, especially the seaside resorts, are connected through a widespread network of buses managed by START ROMAGNA.

WhatsApp Customer Service

For information you can visit the website or write on WhatsApp to +39 331 6566555 (available from Monday to Saturday). In this way, you will have information on routes and timetables in real time.

Online Tickets

RogerMuverDropTicket® and myCicero® are the Apps, on which you can buy your travel ticket, paying with phone credit or credit card.


Ravenna features many parking areas, free or on payment.

Most of the city centre is a Limited Traffic Zone (called Zona a Traffico Limitato or ZTL in Italian). The vehicle circulation is therefore subject to restrictions, according to specific time frames, and access is monitored by an electronic control system.

If you travel by car, ask your host or visit our website to know more about the Limited Traffic Zones in the city.