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Street Art in Ravenna

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Street Art in Ravenna has taken a leading role involving various areas of the city, from the Darsena area to some streets in the historic centre, in a sort of open-air public art gallery. These exhibitions, which have also spread to the more peripheral areas, have become a vehicle for communication, adornment and urban development.

An important event for the world of street art in Ravenna is the “Subsidenze” Festival which, since 2014, has annually renewed the alliance between the municipal administration, young artists and cultural promoters, calling on internationally renowned professionals to leave their mark on the walls made available by the Municipality.

Among the great street artists who have collaborated over the years are Zed1, NemO’s, Bastardilla, Ericailcane, PixelPancho, Camilla Falsini, Jim Avignon and Millo, along with local artists such as Dissenso Cognitivo, with its sci-fi paintings.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death and of an edition of the Festival dedicated to him, a new project has been launched that will have its urban reference point in Via Gulli 249, the area chosen for the “Citadel of Street Art”, where five walls have been allocated to new works by Zed1, Millo, Biancoshock, Luogo Comune and also an installation by the artist LABADANzky.

Parallel to the urban spaces, Subsidenze also promotes the latest trends in Italian Street Art and the collection of works by the artists of the festival, by setting up group exhibitions or opening new spaces and initiatives, such as the collaboration of Bonobolabo, a brand founded in 2013 by Marco Miccoli and the more recent MAG – Magazzeno Art Gallery.


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Last edit:11 February 2021

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