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Monument to Pier Paolo D’Attorre

Piazzetta Ghandi - Ravenna

Since 2000, the entrance to the historic centre of Ravenna, just next to Porta Adriana, has been hosting a mosaic monument dedicated to the former mayor of Ravenna Pier Paolo D’Attorre (see focus), who died prematurely at the age of 46 years.

The work, inaugurated three years after his death (1997), is located in the central Piazzetta Gandhi, at the end of Via Cavour.

The work consists of a bench covered with mosaic tiles, on which a folded coat and a book, also made of mosaic, seem to have been absent-mindedly placed.

The cover of the book bears the image of a bush with red and white chalice-shaped flowers, an iconographic motif recalling the decoration of the Byzantine church of Sant’Apollinare in Classe.

The monument was designed by artist Matthias Biehler, who usually prefers ready-made works (the use of everyday objects that become works of art), but who in this case came up with a variant inspired by mosaics in honour of Ravenna.

The creation of the sculpture was entrusted to Luciana Notturni, who directed the work of young students from the mosaic schools of Ravenna in the workshops of the Consorzio Provinciale di Formazione Professionale (lit. Provincial Consortium for Vocational Training).


Pier Paolo D’Attorre

Born in Reggio Emilia in 1951, Pier Paolo D’Attorre was an Italian historian and a mayor of Ravenna between 1993 and 1997.

He was an intellectual dedicated to research and study, a great connoisseur of local culture, author of numerous books and essays on history and university professor at the University of Bologna.

It was thanks to his intervention – in collaboration with the Authority for Environmental and Architectural Heritage and the Archdiocese – that Ravenna was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, formally approved on December 7th 1996, a few months before his death.


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Always visible.

How to get there

The Monument to Pier Paolo D’Attorre is located between Via Cavour and Piazza Baracca, next to Porta Adriana.

By car: paid parking in Piazza Baracca and Piazzale Giustiniano. For more information on parking areas, click HERE.

By bus: route no. 70, bus stop in Piazza Baracca. For more information:

A cura della Redazione Locale

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