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Safari Ravenna

Via Dei Tre Lati, 2x - Savio/Mirabilandia
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The zoological and faunistic park SAFARI RAVENNA is a natural area with low environmental impact with many wild animal species, reptiles, fish and birds.

It is just a few kilometres South of Ravenna, in Savio/Mirabilandia, in front of the amusement park Mirabilandia.

It stretches over a 120,000 sqm surface, and you can see the animal up close, without barriers, throughout a 4km-long itinerary.

You will visit the park Safari Ravenna inside a vehicle, there are three options:

  • with your own car: you can directly enter the park from the ticket offices;
  • on the park’s train, led by a guide: paid service, no bookings allowed and subject to availability;
  • with electric cars: paid service, no bookings allowed and subject to availability.

Along the itinerary, you will see lions, tigers, hippopotamus, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, camels, ostriches, llamas, antelopes and many other species.

The animals are free and were all born from animals held in captivity. They can freely move in the wide park’s spaces, living safely and in good conditions, thanks to the care of the park’s expert keepers and veterinarians.

Once ended the itinerary, there is another wide Pedestrian Area with many other exotic species. You will find the herpetarium, the aquarium, the Island of baboons, the Chimpanzee’s oasis, the cute lemurs, aviaries and much more!
You will have the chance to see them up close and find out all their unique features!




A low impact park in defense of the animals

The zoological and faunal park Safari Ravenna is a low environmental natural area. The construction project has paid a great attention to the principles of environmental sustainability and of integrated landscape approaches.

Designed to be part and implement biodiversity preservation, the park protects wild fauna, and safeguards the wellbeing of the different animal species as well as of the endangered species.

Further information

Opening times

Per giorni e orari di apertura consultare il sito:

Entrance fee

Dagli 11 anni in su: €25
Dai 4 ai 10 anni: €21

Free of charge

Bambini sotto i 4 anni e disabili in carrozzina e non vedenti


Il parco non ha barriere architettoniche. È accessibile a tutti, anche disabili in carrozzina

How to get there

In auto: per chi viene da nord e da sud si consiglia l’Autostrada A14 BO-AN, uscita Cesena Nord; superstrada E45, direzione Ravenna, uscita “Mirabilandia”. Per chi viene dal centro: autostrada A1 sino a Orte; superstrada E45 direzione Ravenna, uscita “Mirabilandia”. Posteggio auto e area camper nelle adiacenze
In bus: la stazione di Ravenna è collegata al Parco dalla linea 176. Per maggiori informazioni:
In treno: la stazione più vicina al Safari Ravenna è Lido di Savio/Lido di Classe.

Per maggiori informazioni:

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