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MAS – National Museum of Underwater Activities

Piazza Marinai d'Italia, 14 - Marina di Ravenna

Just a few hundred metres from the Adriatic Sea, in the seaside town of Marina di Ravenna, is the MAS -NATIONAL MUSEUM OF UNDERWATER ACTIVITIES.

The museum was opened in 1998 by the Historical Diving Society and then moved in another building, with larger and better-lit halls that can now host exhibitions, conferences and meeting spaces for researchers and sea lovers.

It is the first and only structure of its kind in Italy. It displays a rich collection of materials, equipments, prints and dioramas explained by panels illustrating the various aspects of underwater activities.

The museum consists of five thematic sections and a special library for underwater activities enthusiasts.

The hall dedicated to the “Marina Militare” (Italian Navy) displays a rigid diving suit realised by the Galeazzi firm and documents the launch of the first human torpedoes used by Italian raiders in World War II.

In the hall dedicated to “Cristo degli Abissi” (Christ of the Abyss) it is possible to see the work by Guido Galletti – the copy of which is popular with diving enthusiasts from all over the world and lies on the seabed of the Bay of San Fruttuoso, between Portofino and Camogli.

The “Foto cine-sub” section valorizes the waterproof cases for cameras hand-crafted in the ’50s (one dates back to 1940).

The visit ends with a decompression chamber for works in deep water and a bathysphere for underwater research. Finally, there is also a library dedicated to the underwater world at the disposal of students and researchers.


Further information

Opening times

It is possible to visit the MAS all year round upon reservation.

It is possible to access the museum according to the current health legislation

Entrance fee

€ 2,50

Free of charge

Members of HDS Italy and children under 15 years old.

How to get there

The MAS is located in the seaside town of Marina di Ravenna, just a few hundred metres away from the Adriatic Sea.

By bus: bus stop (route no. 70) about 350 metres away from the entrance of the museum. For more information about bus routes:

By car: there are many parking areas near the museum. For more information, click HERE.

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Last edit:11 April 2022

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