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The Planetarium of Ravenna

Via Santi Baldini, 4/a - Ravenna

Immersed in 37,500 sqm of the green of the public gardens, the PLANETARIUM OF RAVENNA is located just behind the Mar – Ravenna Art Museum since its inauguration in 1985.

With a dome of 8 metres in diameter and 56 seats, it hosts conferences, workshops and themed educational laboratories.

In the summer evenings, the planetarium also hosts special meetings to observe the sky through a telescope (both by day and by night) from the above the terrace.

After all, Ravenna’s adoration for astronomy has ancient origins – just think about the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, with its magnificent mosaic vault decorated with stars in the deep blue sky.

The beating heart of the planetarium is the ZKP 2 Zeiss projector. This machine is able to project an artificial image of the sky, as it is with the unaided eye under the best environmental conditions.

This projector allows visitors to see more than six thousand stars divided into two hemispheres, from the Cassiopeia to the Crux constellation, not to mention the five planets known since Antiquity—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn —and much, much more.

The visit to the planetarium is very popular with pupils and teachers alike, because astronomy can easily connect with other subjects, such as literature, history, physics, geography, mythology and poetry.

Furthermore, the planetarium hosts various events that combine the charm of the stars to music, theatre and performing art.




Commander Spock on the roof of the Planetarium

Since 2014, the façade of the Planetarium has hosted a mosaic of 20 sqm created by Invader, a French street artist of international importance.

The mosaic depicts Spock, the famous character of Star Trek. He is greeting an alien that is about to land on Earth.

Parallel to this official and institutionally coordinated invasion, Invader has created several non-official invasions all across the city and its surroundings.

Further information

Opening times

From Monday to Friday: 8 am – 12.30 pm.
The Planetarium is also open on the occasion of special events.

For further information, see the website:

Closing time

Information and reservation:
Monday to Friday: 8am-12.30pm

Entrance fee

Free admission.
Special events may be subject to an entrance fee.


The Planetarium is accessible to all people with physical disabilities.

How to get there

The Planetarium is located in the Public Gardens of the city, just 500 metres away from the railway station.

On foot/by bike: the Planetarium is easily reachable on foot or by bike from the nearby railway station.

By bus: bus stop just 150 metres away (bus route no. 4), in via Santi Baldini. For more information on bus routes:

By car: many parking areas in the area of the museum. For more information on parking areas, click HERE.

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