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MDT – Educational Museum of the Territory

Via del Sale, 88 - Ravenna

About 15 km from Ravenna, in the small town of San Pietro in Campiano, a former school building has been converted into an educational museum centre.

MDT – EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE TERRITORY consists of two thematic sections, an archaeological one – on the first floor – and an ethnographic one – on the second floor.

The archaeological collections reconstruct the history of local groups from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The exhibition focuses on the aspects of everyday life and allows the understanding of archaeological artifacts by placing them in their own contexts.

In addition to the exhibition, the museum also hosts a teaching room, where it is possible to use materials kept in didactic boxes.

The offered activities are always characterised by a direct and manual approach, in line with the practical principles, and are aimed at schools of all levels.

MDT – Educational Museum of the Territory stands out for its inclination to work hand-in-hand with teachers in order to investigate specific areas of interest.

In addition to the workshops, it is also possible, on request, to explore individual themes, plan specific activities or organise guided tours.


Further information

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Entrance fee

Free admission. Participation fee for workshops.

How to get there

MDT – Educational Museum of the Territory is located about 15 kilometres away from Ravenna, in the small town of San Pietro in Campiano.

By bus: San Pietro in Campiano is also reachable by public transport. For more information about bus routes:

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Last edit:11 April 2022

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