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Mosaic benches

Via Antico Squero - Ravenna

Five mosaic benches, realised in collaboration with the Art Institute on the occasion of Biennale del Mosaico 2015, have become permanent urban furniture along the city streets.

Purchased by the Municipality of Ravenna, the benches are the product of an artistic project carried out in collaboration with Social Sofa Ltd, a small Dutch community in Tilburg, with the aim of stimulating the social rehabilitation of the unemployed and destitute.

Assisted by mosaic artists, members of the Dutch community created the sofas decorated with tiles and inspired by internationally renowned artists such as painter Vincent van Gogh and stylist Paul Smith.

The five works were placed along the Darsena promenade and in the courtyard of Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste.

Alongside these works, four similar ones were created by the students of the Nervi-Severini school of art of Ravenna and two of which were placed in Via Salara, in the historical centre of the city.

The benches were called “the benches of dialogue”, and have become a symbol of an important moment of encounter and exchange among generations, citizens and different cultures.


RavennaMosaico, the Contemporary Mosaic Biennial

Ravenna has been organizing and hosting RavennaMosaico – the Contemporary Mosaic Biennial every two years since 2009, welcoming works and artist from all over the world, coming to the city to celebrate the art of mosaics in all its modern and contemporary forms.

During the festival, the city is totally involved and opens the doors of its most charming places to local and international artists, who are closely bound up with this ancient form of expression.

Monuments, museums, cloisters and symbolic places of Ravenna become special galleries where ancient and contemporary art establish an outstanding dialogue.

Further information

Opening times

Always visibile.

How to get there

It is possible to see the mosaic benches in various places of the city.
The ones realised in collaboration with Social Sofa Ltd are placed in the Darsena Area and in the courtyard of Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste; the other ones are placed in the initial stretch of Via Salara.

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