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Grande Ferro R

Viale Europa, 3 - Ravenna

GRANDE FERRO R is a site-specific work realised by Alberto Burri (Città di Castello 1915 – Paris 1995), in 1990 for the external square of the multifunctional complex Pala Mauro De André.

The work was commissioned by Raul Gardini and ebbedded in the project of the monumental Palace of Arts and Spors by the architects Francesco Moschini and with the  Carlo Maria Sadich.

It was Moschini – an expert in history and art and architecture criticism, and a professor with a great experience in the editorial, exhibition and curatorial activity – who, on behalf of Raul Gardini and as art consultant of the Ferruzzi Group, convinced Burri to realise his majestic sculpture.

The main theme is that of theatre, which the Umbrian artist had already investigated with another work, exhibited in 1984 at the Giardini of the Venice Biennale, which was also taken up in the pictorial masterpiece Cellotex of 1994, exhibited in Paris.

12 metres high and made up of five low arches, in its vertical elements, decorated with foliage, it is possible to see the interweaving of the pine trees of the Pine forest of Classe.

Grande Ferro R seems to underline a theatre scene, which at the same time also refers to imagination, telling the relationship of Ravenna with its historical pine forest.

The work also evocates the hull of an overturned, abandoned ship, which recalls the maritime vocation of Ravenna, a place of landing, reception and confluence of cultures. The result is not a continuous surface, but a sort of a broken bridge.


Pala Mauro De André: a wunderkammer  in Ravenna

The site-specific sculpture by Alberto Burri is not the only work of art to characterise Pala Mauro De André, the big multi-functional complex in Ravenna inaugurated in 1990 on commission of Raul Gardini.

The palace, dedicated to the brother of the famous singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, hosts on the inside various works of art realised for the architectural project of the complex.

Next to Grande Ferro R are the travertine fountains designed by Ettore Sordini, the mosaic panels by Montessori/Notturni over the entrance of the palace and the so-called Danteum, considered by many as Ravenna’s most important monument dedicated to the famous Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

It is a sort of temple made up of a series of columns and pillars – one hundred, as many as the Cantos of the Comedy – realised with different materials. The external ones are made of exposed stone, 9 are made with red iron (representing the Inferno), 9 with Carrara marble (Purgatory) and 9 with crystal (Paradise).

Further information

Opening times

Partly visible from the outside, the work is located within the space of Pala Mauro De André, who hosts great artistic, sports and commercial events all year round.
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The area is completely accessible and barrier-free.

How to get there

Grande Ferro R is located by Pala Mauro de André, just outside the city and on the way to the beach town of Marina di Ravenna.

By bus: the area is served by public transport. For more information:

By car: there is a large and free parking area on the exterior of the palace.

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