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of Ravenna


Shopping in Ravenna is closely related to history, the environment and culture. Whether you decide to walk around the streets of the historical centre or to look for interesting ideas along the coastline, you will always end up near a characteristic view, a thousand-year-old monument, a garden, the sea or the unblemished and protected sand dunes.

Ravenna means art, culture, fun, nature and… shopping! Choose an itinerary and take a piece of the city with you.

Craftsmanship and mosaic

Mosaic, a ubiquitous element in the city, can become something reminding you of the past, both as a souvenir and as a small or big work of art coming from one of the many artistic workshops of the historical centre. And if you want to make the experience (and the work) even more unique, you could also realise your mosaic with your own hands

Art in Ravenna is also expressed in the artistic workshops passing on and renovating the arts of textile printing and Byzantine embroidery. Ancient hand-carved printing blocks dipped in paste of different colours enrich precious hand-made textiles. An technique coming from the East, which has come down to us from Byzantium to enrich clothes.


The historical centre of the city is regularly livened up by antique dealers, booksellers, artisans and stands of local excellences that accompany shops, typical restaurants and workshops.

Shopping centres

For those who are looking for a day in the name of shopping, fun and good food, the shopping centres of Ravenna offer shopping opportunities of any kind, dining areas for all tastes and entertainment.