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Mediterranean female buffalos by Davide Rivalta

Parco Papa Giovanni - Ravenna

Since 2012, the front garden of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe has been hosting some bronze sculptures realised by Davide Rivalta and representing five mediterranean female buffalos moving towards the UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

Some people approach them with curiosity, others take selfies or sit among them to observe the facade of the basilica.

Placed here on the occasion of the exhibition “Terre Promesse” (lit. Promised lands), these animals are precisely set in the surrounding context.

The artistic work of Davide Rivalta – who considers himself from Ravenna even though he was born in Bologna – is characterised by a figurative language and the investigation of the animal world.

He considers the analysis of the relationship among work, space and observers as fundamental, and aims to invite visitors to pay attention to the past on the one hand and ideally strive towards new perspectives on the other.

In his works, human and animal world are represented simultaneously. You just have to make eye contact and try to build an intimate relationship with them.

These female buffalos are not the only work by Davide Rivalta in the city. If you walk around Ravenna, you can see them scattered all around. Do you need an example? You can find Gorillas in the courtyard of the courthouse and Rhinoceros in the Hall of the Port Authority (see focus).


Davide Rivalta’s works in Ravenna

The mediterranean female buffalos of Sant’Apollinare in Classe are not the only sculptures of Davide Rivalta in Ravenna, as the city permanently hosts other works of the artist.

Since 2002, the inner courtyard of the courthouse hosts imposing gorillas that evocate the idea of primitiveness and natural condition of the animal world in an institutional and formal place.

One of the halls of the Port Authority, instead, hosts graphite profiles of some rhinoceros, while the Ravenna National Museum welcomes a pack of wolves.

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Opening times

Always visible.

How to get there

The work is located in the front garden of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, about 6 km south of the historic center of Ravenna, in Classe, towards Rimini.

By busline 4 departing from the railway station of Ravenna. For more information:

By bikethe basilica is connected to the city by an efficient cycle path.

By car: there is a large car and bus parking area near the basilica, as well as an equipped camper parking area.

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