From the traditional to the most unusual tours, from mosaic to street art, from art to nature: Ravenna can offer you a mosaic of experiences, all worth to be tried. You might have some unexpected ecounters, find an unusual souvenir or maybe even live an adventure that will leave a mark in your heart.

Find out all the guided tours in town

The available guided tours in Ravenna, among which to choose, are many and all different from one another. Here is an updated calendar, day by day, with all of the GUIDED TOURS scheduled in Ravenna.

Discover the nature of Ravenna

Discovering the NATURE of Ravenna has never been easier or more surprising: from the Lagoon of Comacchio to the mouth of the river Savio, you will see that there’s a kaleidoscope of guided tours, all in the name of sustainability and environmental respect.

Find the perfect guide for you and discover Ravenna

If you want to know a city’s secrets, you’ll have to rely on who really knows it: here’s a list of professional guides that might do the job. If you have any doubts or concerns, there’s no need to worry. Call one of our Tourist Information Offices, we will be glad to answer to any questions you may have.