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Tourist buses and campers

At this page you can find a list of the RV parks in the city, in the beach towns and surrounding areas, including a description of the offered services.

Ravenna features various parking areas with different time limits for tourist buses. Read more on this page.

There are no check-points for tourist buses in Ravenna. We suggest you to read the list of tourist bus and camper parking areas for more details on time limits and connections with public transport.

By bike

Going around the city by bike is a perfect opportunity to admire the beauties of Ravenna and its surroundings in a sustainable and healthy way, fully enjoying what the territory has to offer.

For all useful information on bike rentals in the city and outside the historical centre, read HERE.

In the section Experiences of our website you can find various bike itineraries in Ravenna and surrounding areas.

The itineraries also feature .gpx and .kml tracks that can you can download on your devices.

In the city there are various cycle routes leading to monuments – such as the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe – to the beach towns and to the natural areas.

The Tourist Information Offices provide maps with suggested itineraries.


In Ravenna, you can visit the museums managed by Fondazione RavennAntica with your four-legged friends. In compliance with the rules, dogs are thus allowed in the Domus of the Stone Carpets, the TAMO Museum, the Classis Ravenna Museum and the Ancient Port of Classe.

Animals of any size are not allowed to enter municipal and state museums, monuments and archaeological areas, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

You cannot take animals on public transport, with the exception of:

  • guide dogs for the blind, which can be taken on public transport for free and without a muzzle, provided that they are kept on a leash;
  • other small-sized dogs with muzzle and on a leash, upon payment of the ticket also for the animal;
  • other small-sized animals – such as cats,  hamsters or birds – in special boxes for their transport, upon payment of the ticket for the ride.

More information on

From Casalborsetti to Lido di Savio, all the coastline of Ravenna offers many pet-friendly services and spaces.

The coast features 6 stretches of completely free beach, where you can go with your four-legged friends from dawn to sunset.

Many equipped beach establishments allow access on their beaches to your four-legged friends.

For more information read HERE

Around Ravenna

If you have your own means of transport, we suggest you visit Faenza, Brisighella, Comacchio and the nearby Pomposa Abbey, and the Po Delta Park.

By train, you can easily reach Faenza, Imola, Ferrara, Bologna, Cervia, Cesena, Cesenatico and Rimini.

TPER bus route n° 333 connects Ravenna to Comacchio and takes about 55 minutes.

Check out the timetable on the TPER website.


For information on accessibility to tourist points of interest in Ravenna and connected services, we suggest you check out our page Accessible Ravenna or contact our Tourist Information Office, by writing an e-mail to or calling +39 0544 35404 / +39 0544 35755 / +39 0544 482838.

Ravenna has been committed to making its beaches accessible for years.

To allow all people with disabilities to enjoy accessible holidays, tourist facilities and beach establishments along the coastline have equipped themselves with facilities and services allowing wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility and blind people to access the beach and the sea.

For more information, read HERE.

Visit the city

The city of Ravenna hosts eight Unesco World Heritage monuments dating back between the 5th and the 6th century AD.

The ticket for the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Neonian Baptistery, the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo and the Archiepiscopal Chapel is only cumulative. Info and bookings:

Tickets for the Arian Baptistery, the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and the Mausoleum of Theodoric are both single and cumulative. Info and bookings:

In addition to the Unesco World Heritage monuments, Ravenna is home to many museums and cultural attractions, which you can find in the Culture and History section of our website.

For more information on the opening hours of the monuments and cultural attractions contact our tourist information offices or check out the detail pages of the single point of interests.

Ravenna has a wide network of tourist information offices: check out the list to find the closest to you.

In addition to assisting tourist for every question regarding tourism, culture and hospitality matters, the tourist information offices also hand out a vast variety of informative material for free.

For more information and updates on events and initiatives, we suggest you write an email to or check out the event landing page on our website.

Information about the cumulative ticket to the monuments of the Diocese of Ravenna (Basilica of San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Neonian Baptistery, Archiepiscopal Chapel and Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo) can be found on the dedicated page of the website of Opera di Religione.

While you organise and plan your trip to Ravenna, write an email to or call +39 0544 35404 / +39 0544 35755, we will help you to:

  • find detailed information on your favourite topics;
  • research information on what you need;
  • book tours, experiences and tourist services;


The Tourist Information Office (Piazza San Francesco, 7) is the starting point of various tours to the discovery of the city.

According to the kind of tour that you want to take part into, you can contact various operators. Check out our page on Guided Tours!

In Ravenna and its territory there are many associations and professional tourist guides.

If you are looking for a custom tour to the discovery of Ravenna and its artistic and natural treasures, read the list of the tourist guides and associations.

You can arrange itinerary and costs directly with them, according to your needs.

The 35 km of coastline of Ravenna feature no less than nine beach towns. Every one of them has its own characteristics and is ideal to any kind of holiday.

All the towns have the same clear water (the sea of Ravenna gets the Blue Flag every year) and sandy beaches. But every one of them is different from the others in terms of services and facilities.

If you are looking for a direct contact with nature, the NORTHERN BEACH TOWNS (Casalborsetti, Marina Romea and Porto Corsini) are the perfect place for you. They feature long free beaches bordered by sand dunes, a lush and green pine forest behind and excellent campings.

The so-called SOUTHERN BEACH TOWNS (Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina, Lido Adriano, Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio), except the wilder area of Lido di Dante, are more equipped with beach establishments, accommodation facilities and campings.

A this page you can find all useful information to organise a school trip to Ravenna.

You can find information on monuments, tourist guides, educational workshops and bookings.

You can find the calendar of the events on the territory on the page dedicated to the Events of this website. You can filter by location, category of the event or date.

No, in Ravenna there are no tourist buses toring the monuments of the city.
The historical centre is however quite small, and almost all the monuments are reachable on foot.
The Mausoleum of Theodoric and the monuments in Classe can be reached with public transports.

Parking areas and transports

For information about the public transport service, we invite you to check the website of Start Romagna, send a WhatsApp message to +39 331 6566555 or call INFOSTART at +39 199 115577.

The historical centre of Ravenna is served by free and paid parking areas. But pay attention! Many areas of the centre are closed to traffic and equipped with control cameras at each access point.

Among the parking areas that are closer to the historical centre are:

  • GIUSTINIANO (Largo Giustiniano; 318 spaces)
  • TORRE UMBRATICA (Piazzale Torre Umbratica)
  • DELLA RESISTENZA (Piazza della Resistenza; 145 spaces)
  • BARACCA (Piazza Baracca; 80 spaces)
  • LARGO FIRENZE (Largo Firenze; 111 spaces)
  • PORT’AUREA (Via Port’Aurea; 130 spaces)

To read the complete list of the parking areas in the city, click HERE

During summer there are various kinds of transfer services connecting Ravenna to the Porto Corsini cruise terminal.

For more information on the services offered and to book your transfer, read here.

The nearest airports are in Bologna, Forlì and Rimini.

They are connected to Ravenna by train. Check out the timetable on

The Bologna Airport is connected to the central railway station with the Marconi Express monorail express train.

You can reach Ravenna by train from the railway station of Bologna. Check out the timetable on

If you don’t have a private means of transport, you can reach the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe with bus n. 4, from the railway station or the historical centre (Piazza Caduti per la Libertà). Check out the timetable and prices on Start Romagna.

The historical centre of Ravenna is largely a pedestrian area and therefore a LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE (in Italian ZTL). You cannot access the area with your car without a valid permit.

To avoid getting a fine, you can:

  • Leave your car in a parking area outside the Limited Traffic Zone;
  • Ask your host if the accommodation is within the Limited Traffic Zone. He may grant you a special permit for the access to the LTZ;
  • Buy an LTZ daily circulation and parking permit (only granted to vehicles weighing less than 5 tons);
    Enabled parking meters (24h) are to be found in: 1. Piazzale Torre Umbratica (code 8); 2. Via Augusta, 2 (code 65); 3. Piazza Mameli (code 4); 4. Piazza della Resistenza (code 130); 5. Via Maggiore, 50 (code 28); 6. Crossroads between via R. Ricci and via Castel S. Pietro (code 30); 7. Crossroads between viale Santi Baldini and via Gradisca (code 120);
  • If you hold a parking permit for people with disabilities (or you are accompanying someone who does), you can freely access the LTZ. Make sure to write an email to with your license plate number and parking permit data (number, date of issue and expiry, place of issue), the date when you intend to drive within the LTZ and copy of your ID document.

You can access the Limited Traffic Zone (in Italian ZTL) if you have booked an hotel inside it or if you have to access a private parking area inside it.

In both cases, the owners have to register your car’s number plate to the local police.

Furthermore, you can buy a LTZ daily circulation and parking permit from one of the enabled parking meters.

Hotels and restaurants

The section Stay features a list of accommodation facilities on the territory and related contact information. Thanks to the many search filters, you can search by services, area in which you’d like to stay and category of the facility.

For more information or to book a stay, you can directly contact the structures or Consorzio Ravenna Incoming.

The section Stay features a list of accommodation facilities on the territory and related contact information. Thanks to the many search filters, you can search by services, area in which you’d like to stay and category of the facility.

For more information or to book a stay, you can directly contact the structures or Consorzio Ravenna Incoming.

In the section Eat&Drink you can find a list (which is constantly updated) of the restaurants in Ravenna.

You can filter by category, specialties and location.


The whole historical centre of Ravenna is served by a free wi-fi service called “EmiliaRomagnaWiFi“.

The luggage storage is just outside the railway station.

For more information on opening hours and prices, click HERE.

Of course there are! About 8 km away from the historical centre of Ravenna, right on the beach, are Terme di Punta Marina Terme.

For more information on the services offered, we suggest you to check out the official website:

Ravenna’s typical dishes are: piadina, cappelletti, tagliatelle, passatelli, spoja lorda, squacquerone with caramelised figs, mussels and clams, Mora Romagnola, asparagus, peaches, torta Teodora, zuppa inglese and ciambella romagnola.

The typical wines are: Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana, Pagadebit.

Learn more about Ravenna’s typical products.

If you want to take photos or shoot videos for non-personal use, you have to contact the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Ravenna by writing an e-mail to

For professional shootings of monuments or tourist attractions, you have to directly contact the owners of the monuments to get proper authorisations.

To ask for authorization to use the images published on this website, contact the editorial staff by writing an email to

No, you can’t. There are no ferry routes from Ravenna to Venice. You can reach Venice by train through Ferrara or Bologna.

Check out the timetable on the Trenitalia website.