Recipe by ChefMatteo Salbaroli
Restaurants La Cucina del Condominio, Osteria L’Acciuga
Ravenna, Laboratory 81

Ingredients for 8 piadina

for the dough

for the filling

Although the ingredients are few and simple – flour, lard, salt and water – the piadina Romagnola varies in consistency, thickness and size according to geographical location.

Unlike the piadina of Rimini, for example, the piadina of Ravenna is thicker (from 4 to 8 millimetres). To prepare it for us is an exceptional chef, Matteo Salbaroli, owner of the Osteria “L’Acciuga”, a renowned fish restaurant in Borgo San Biagio, and the nearby eatery “La Cucina del Condominio”.

In this period, Matteo is concentrating on his latest project, “Laboratorio 81”, a restaurant where typical fresh pasta of Romagna is made; as well as pasta with special flours and ancient grains that are squeezed through a mincer.

Once the dough has been rapidly prepared, for which no leavening is needed, chef Matteo slices it into smaller loaves (as many as many the number of piadina to be made), which he sets aside to rest for a couple of hours, covering them so that the dough does not oxidise or form a crust.

Then each portion is rolled out with a traditional Romagna rolling pin (the chef has a collection of them, for all types of processing), until a piadina half a centimetre high is obtained, which is then transferred onto a hot iron plate (but also on the Marche “testo” or terracotta) for no more than two minutes, flipping it over only once.

At the restaurant, the piadina is usually served in slices with different fillings: the classic one, also for chef Matteo Salbaroli, includes Parma ham, rocket and squacquerone cheese.

To please the most refined palate, however, he also offers an alternative recipe in which fermented black garlic powder is mixed into the dough. In this case, once pulled, the piadina is fried in boiling oil and is excellent with cheese and cold cuts.