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Municipality of Ravenna


Ravenna, the Valorisation of the water heritage

WaVE Project: WAter-linked heritage Valorization by developing an Ecosystemic approach

With its glorious past and crucial position for the European history, Ravenna is a treasure trove of cultural and natural fortunes that tell a lot about the strong connection between the city and the sea.

With the aim to add value to the water-linked fortune of the city with an innovative and integrated approach that involves research, business, public administration and above all the citizens, Ravenna takes part in the WaVE project.

Take a 360 ° tour in the sky of Ravenna

Pilot Action

The goal of the WaVE project is to foster the territory and its richness through a narration that combines innovative digital technologies and drone shootings. The virtual tour, which covers various itineraries, will guide you to explore some of the most valuable treasures of Ravenna – city of waters.