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Ancient Port of Classe – Archaeological Park of Classe

Reconstruction of the Ancient Port of Classe

In the year 27 BC, Emperor Augustus ordered the construction of a military port in Ravenna, which was intended to host the fleet that had to guard the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea – THE ANCIENT PORT OF CLASSE.

The presence of the military fleet boosted the development of a suburb south of Ravenna, around barracks, warehouses and the camps of the navy soldiers. This was the original nucleus of the town, connected to Ravenna through Via di Cesare and named after the “Classis” fleet that was based here.

During the 5th century, as Ravenna became capital of the empire, the satellite town of Classe started to play a key role as a commercial hub and military fortress, with an expansion of the town that went on in the following century.

The system of roads and buildings visible today in the archaeological area of the Ancient Port dates back to this period and bears witness to the important commercial function of the port, as evidenced by the archaeological material found during the excavations and displayed in the Classis Museum of Ravenna.
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Ancient port of Classe (Ravenna)
Ancient port of Classe (Ravenna) | Photo © Condifesa Ravenna

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