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Chiusa Rasponi floodgate

la Chiusa Rasponi

The CHIUSA RASPONI floodgate is located near the outlet of the Fiumi Uniti river and is closely related to the reclamation of the territory of Ravenna. The floodgate was used for the reclamation by filling and to provide water to farmers, and reminds us of a period in which the fight between land and sea was an everyday issue for Ravenna.

Until the early years of the 20th century, in the watercourses of Ravenna there was not any barrier system to limit or raise the water level. In order to ensure a sufficient supply of water even in case of drought, new mobile systems were realised every year and were removed at the end of the summer season. This also happened near the outlet of the Fiumi Uniti river, where a small earth dam called cavedone di Marina was constructed every year. In 1906, count Rasponi dalle Teste promoted a permanent dam made of iron and reinforced concrete, which started to operate in 1910 but collapsed in 1928 because of a flood. The government started to build it again in 1932, in order to ensure the water needs of the sugar factory in Classe. The project of the floodgate was completed in 1935 and can still be seen today.

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Last edit: 11 November 2021