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Pialassa della Baiona

Pialassa della Baiona (Porto Corsini, Ravenna)

PIALASSA DELLA BAIONA is one of the precious elements of the water natural heritage of Ravenna.

It is a body of brackish water located north of the Candiano Canal. Along with Pialassa dei Piomboni on the opposite side of the canal, it began to form from a Renaissance inlet between the Primaro river’s mouth and the ancient Montone river’s one near Punta Marina Terme.

The geological history of these lagoon areas is closely intertwined with human intervention, especially with regards to the regulation of watercourses and the construction of Ravenna’s canal harbour.

The gradual changes in the circulation of waters and in the supply of freshwater within the Pialasse influenced today’s environmental characteristics and formed a particular habitat that makes Pialassa della Baiona an enchanting natural landscape.

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For more information on Pialassa della Baiona and to plan your visit click here: Pialassa della Baiona

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Last edit: 11 November 2021