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Torre Salustra

Torre Salustra (Ravenna)

According to some scholars, the TORRE SALUSTRA could be related to the entrance of the city walls during Republican times, which was probably visible until the 1st century.

An important urban street, decumanus maximus, crossed the entrance, while at the opposite end of the town was located another important access to the city – Summum Vicus. The tower later became castellum acquae, the final section of the Aqua Traiana aqueduct collecting water.

In the late ancient era, the tower was incorporated in the Archbishop’s House, which hosts one of the eight Unesco Wold Heritage monuments of the city – St. Andrew Chapel.

Today, the tower is used for exhibitions as part of the Archiepiscopal Museum and houses the pulpit of Maximian.

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Last edit: 11 November 2021