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Classe docks

Classe docks track

In 1961, some excavation tests led to the discovery of two large wall structures, whose bases lied at a depth of 3,5 metres.

To better understand their function, in 1972 a verification excavation of one of the two docks along the banks of the Fiumi Uniti river, the southern one, was carried out.At a depth of 2 metres, a 3-metre-large and 35-metre-long wall was found, along with two other parallel walls, one of which seems to be the base of a long portico.

Thanks to the discovery of some material samples, it was possible to date these structures before the 4th century AD and to relate their shape and function to the southern CLASSE DOCK of the Ancient Port of Classe. According to reconstructive hypothesis, the large structures developing towards the Adriatic Sea, preventing the water edge from being consumed by the water flows.

The docks overlooked a body of water connected to the sea and must have been made of brick-built parts and wooden ones, as poles and boardwalks. Today, the ruins are buried under a cultivated field.

Aerial view of the buried ruins of the Classe docks
Aerial view of the buried ruins of the Classe docks

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