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Marina di Ravenna lighthouse

Marina di Ravenna lighthouse

The lighthouse of Marina di Ravenna was turned on for the first time on June 12th 1862 and is an integral part of the infrastructures of the San Vitale port, still in use today. With the watchtower of the maritime pilots and the maritime advisor, the lighthouse is one of the reference points for the access to the port area.

The lighthouse is embedded in the dock of the fishing boats of Marina di Ravenna and forms the first nucleus of the port along with it. The fish market, the pine forests and the nature trails related to valleys and dunes are not far from the lighthouse. Its layout coincides to what was reported in the historical maps dating back to the time of its construction. The only element that was altered, probably on the occasion of the construction of the fish market, is the tower, which was raised by two levels.

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Last edit: 8 November 2021