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Former fish market

Former fish market facade

The former fish market of Marina di Ravenna overlooks the Molo Dalmazia dock, where the fascinating fishing boats that go fishing everyday are moored. The building has been restored and now houses the Cestha Centre for the protection of the habitats, an association of young biologists and researchers that organises events and activities of training, outreach and research.

The former fish market was built in 1939 in the place of an old iron and steel building of the 20s. The market was immediately considered as one of Italy’s most modern sales structures, mostly for its electromechanical beam system that permitted faster sales and less objections in the big amphitheatrical hall where the buyers entered. With more than 100 boats approaching the dock, until the Second World War the market was of national importance. As the sailboats were substituted by trawlers and the Candiano Canal started to be industrialised, the economic importance of the market drastically decreased until its total decline during the 70s.


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Last edit: 8 November 2021