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Water-absorbing system Fagiolo

water-absorbing system fagiolo

The WATER-ABSORBING SYSTEM “FAGIOLO” was realised by the reclamation consortium at the beginning of the 20th century, during an important reclamation operation in the territory of Ravenna.

In thirty years’ time, the consortium built various lifting systems, including the one in Fosso Ghiaia, Madonna del Pino in Cervia, Rasponi in Punta Marina and S. Vitale in Marina di Ravenna, which mechanically reclaimed significant parts of the territory of Ravenna – a faster method than the reclamation by filling.

The water-absorbing system is managed by Consorzio di Bonifica della Romagna, a public reclamation consortium that oversees the regulation of waters.

The facility consists of a little brick-built building on two levels. The ground level is made up of various rooms that house two scooping pumps, a workshop and a fuel compartment. One of the rooms leads to the upper floor, which once was the accommodation of the water system operator.

Today, the system only comes into operation in case of emergency – such as heavy rainfall or high tide – and you can only visit the building if accompanied by someone working for the consortium. The building is surrounded by green areas that could be valorised, as they are also very close to the Candiano Canal and the Ravenna City Dock.

Idrovoro Fagiolo (Ravenna)
Water-absorbing plant Fagiolo (Ravenna) | Photo © Historical Archive of Romagna reclamation consortium.

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Last edit: 11 November 2021