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By bike along the Reno river


  • from: Valle Mandriole
  • to: Valle Mandriole
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  • 29 km

Along the northern edge of the Municipality of Ravenna: the Reno river, the Lagoons of Comacchio, Anita Garibaldi and wild horses

The starting point of the itinerary is the watchtower in Valle Madriole, on the side of the Lamone river, along via Romea Nord. From the watchtower, it is possible to see northwards the wonderful landscape of Valle della Canna, while southwards the Oasis of Punte Alberete, the biggest flooded forest in southern Europe.

Valle Mandriole (RA)
Valle Mandriole (RA) | Photo © Archivio Comune di Ravenna

From here, go on for a short stretch along the Lamone river, go inside the Pine forest of Badalassona and continue northwards towards Casalborsetti (which you can reach by slightly lengthening the route).

Once you get to the end of Prato del Bardello, turn right towards Ca’ del Chiavichino, where you will find a second watchtower.

Leave the lagoon and go on towards via Celletta, leading to Canale di Bonifica in Destra Reno and Mandriole, where there is a cemetery hosting Anita Garibaldi‘s remains.

By following the canal backwards and going on along via Mandriole, you will pass through Sant’Alberto, home to the NatuRa Museum.

The picturesque ferry on the river allows you to access the northern bank and go on along the southern side of the Lagoons of Comacchio.

Here, the landscape is very charming and full of rare species which are difficult to see in other parts of Italy. The Peninsula of Boscoforte, along which wild horses are free to roam, is undoubtedly worth a stop.

Flamingos in the Lagoons of Comacchio
Flamingos in the Lagoons of Comacchio | Photo © Flavio Bianchedi

Once arrived by Passo di Primaro, cross the Reno river again and take via Romea Nord towards Ravenna. Leave the state road and take via Corriera Antica, along which is the memorial stone dedicated to Anita.

This monument, near Fattoria Guiccioli, pays homage to Anita Garibaldi and commemorates the place where the South American heroine died in 1849.

Guiccioli farm (Mandriole, Ravenna)
Guiccioli farm (Mandriole, Ravenna)

The last part of the route, connecting to the first part of it, crosses again Canale in Destra Reno and follows it until the crossroads near Fattoria Guiccioli. From here, turn left and you will be back to the watchtower of Valle Mandriole and via Romea.

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