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The Bassa del Bardello is a flooded prairie of about one hundred hectares – the largest on the north Adriatic coast – known for its varied flora and populated by various animal species, including water turtles, grebes, herons and grey herons.

This is the first hundred hectares of a lowland known as the “Bassa del Pirotolo”, located to the north of the Pinewood of San Vitale and ending in the Buca del Cavedone.

Overlooking the entire area is the Valle Mandriole tower-observatory, from which nature lovers and the curious can enjoy a breathtaking view, which includes the “garzaie” of Valle Mandriole and as far as Punte Alberete.

Included in the “Pineta di San Vitale e Pialasse di Ravenna” station of the “Parco Regionale del Delta del Po” (Po Delta Regional Park). This small nature reserve boasts seventeen different habitats of outstanding ecological interest.

A dozen plant communities have been mapped here, of which those of greatest naturalistic value are linked to temporary water stagnation.

As far as fauna is concerned, on the other hand, five important nesting or potential nesting species have been reported, including the Purple Heron, the Little Bittern and the Ferruginous Duck.

In addition, among the minor vertebrates, there are nuclei of Great Crested Newt and the extremely rare Italian Dusky Crested Newt, a recently discovered species present in the region in only two other sites.

Lastly, Bardello, together with some neighbouring wetlands, is the only Italian habitat of the Lepidoptera Chamaesphecia palustris, a species linked to marshy habitats.


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How to get there

The area can be reached by a car driving northbound along Strada Statale 309 Romea. Just after crossing the bridge on river Lamone, you will find the Bardello in the surroundings of the car park of Punta Alberete.

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