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Peninsula of Boscoforte

Via Rivaletto , 25 - Ravenna

The PENINSULA OF BOSCOFORTE is an ancient range of dunes originated thousands of years ago. It looks like a little peninsula surrounded by the Valleys of Comacchio, a small town about 30 km north of Ravenna.

It is a wetland of international importance, preserved over the centuries since it was closed to the public.

The Peninsula of Boscoforte stretches for 6 kilometres along the left bank of the Reno river, and among stretches of fresh water, reeds, tamarisks, poplars and willows it is a corner of natural paradise. Numerous species of birds have found here the ideal place to nest and stopover.

Around Boscoforte, birdwatchers can observe pink flamingos, avocets, shelducks, spoonbills, marsh harriers, river warblers and bearded reedlings in their natural habitat.

What makes the oasis so unique is the presence of many Camargue horses. They have been living in the wild for years, in this small strip of unspoilt land.

If you want to visit the natural beauties of Boscoforte, you have to join a guided tour. Visits start from the nearby NatuRa Museum of Sant’Alberto (RA), which is packed with historical ornithological collections, as well as collections of local and exotic shells, reptiles and mammals.

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