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Oasis of Punte Alberete

Via Romea Nord - Ravenna

PUNTE ALBERETE is a freshwater wetland stretching for about 190 hectares, still characterised by an ancient geomorphology.

With its alternating high and low areas typical of this territory, it is a very fascinanting flooded forest, one of the last ones still extant in southern Europe.

Bordered to the north by the final stretch of the Lamore river and to the East by the Pine forest of San Vitale, it is located about 10 kilometres north of Ravenna, on the western side of the S.S. 309 “Romea” state road.

The oasis is equipped with a large parking area near the main entrance.

What to see

The oasis is a suggestive succession of hygrophilous wood, submerged grasslands and open spaces. The water mirrors are surrounded by dense reeds, and the path offers charming views on marsh environments of various dimensions, which are able to arouse excitement in the visitors.

Besides marsh reeds – which represented a fundamental resource for the local economy, were collected in this area and then brought to the villages to be processed – the view is often framed by canes, carex and swamp lilies according to the season.

This unique landscape also features old fallen trees, which create a special habitat for wildlife and become the ideal place for waterfowls to hunt or rest.

Punte Alberete hosts many species of birds, from the small and elusive passerines (among which water nightingales, reed warblers and great reed warblers) to the more eye-catching colonial birds (various kinds of European herons, ibises, Eurasian spoonbills), not to mention the rare ferruginous duck that comes here to nest. All this makes this place and the nearby Valle Mandriole a birdwatcher’s paradise.

This environment is inhabited by various reptiles of great interest, among which the rare terrapins and Aesculapian snakes, and a whole world of invertebrates, such as the beautiful southern festoon, whose wings resemble a black and white lace dotted with red and blue spots and whose caterpillar only eats one plant, aristolochia, growing on the edge of some footpaths.

A protected area

This biotope, which is extremely important in the system of protected areas of the Emilia-Romagna region and in the EU’s Rete Natura 2000 network, was subtracted from the last reclamation works planned for the 1960s.

The protection of the area was made possible thanks to the engagement of a small group of people made up both of hunters and nature enthusiasts, who were all conscious of the uniqueness of the site and who stood together to support the initatives promoted by Eros Stinchi in the former Laboratory of Zoology applied to Hunting (today ISPRA).



A birdwatching paradise

Punte Alberete is the ideal place to experience birdwatching, and nature photography.

The abundance of species that arrive and nest in this last strip of flooded forest is impressive indeed – ferruginous duck, purple heron, glossy ibis, shag, grey heron, mallard, great egret, bullfinch, night heron, bitterns and little bitterns and many others can be spotted during a walk in this enchanting haven.

Along the 5 km loop trail, suspended above wooden bridges, is also a sighting hut, specifically built for observing the animals, which are busy in their activities, such as kingfishers foraging for food or the famous courtship ritual of the great crested grebe.

Further information

Opening times

Winter and spring
From the 2nd Sunday of October to the 2nd Sunday of May: 7.30 am – 5 pm (solar time) / 7.30 am – 7 pm (legal time)

From the 2nd Sunday of May to the 2nd Sunday of October: 7.30 am – 7 pm

Entrance fee

Free admission for individuals and groups.

Free access for groups UP TO 9 PEOPLE (in addition to the guide) free access without reservation.

For groups with MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE, reservation compulsory (Department for the Protection of Environment and Territory of the Municipality of Ravenna).

Write an email to or call +39 0544 482866 during office hours and specify: name of the organiser, number of participants, date and time (morning or afternoon).

Free of charge

Free entry.


Parts of the area are not easily accessible to people with physical disabilities.

Access to the area is only allowed on foot. It is not possible to access the area by bike, on horseback or by motorized vehicles.

How to get there

The Oasis of Punte Alberete is located about 8 km from the stateroad SS 309 (Statale Romea) that connects Ravenna to Venice. The itinerary starts from the large parking area next to the oasis.

By car: next to the area is a large parking area, which is only open during the opening hours of the area. You can also park your car by Ca’ Vecchia, in Via Fossatone, inside the pine forest of San Vitale.

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