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Valle Furlana, part of the southern Comacchio Valleys, is situated along the northern bank of the Reno river, in the Sant’Alberto locality, and is characterised in terms of fauna by the substantial presence of nesting birds.

In this area, almost all the ornithological species that are typical of the wetlands of the upper Adriatic are present: among these we can mention a variety of species belonging to the gull macro-family, such as the Herring Gull, the Grey Heron, the Great White Egret, but also specimens of Marsh Harrier, Shelduck, Redshank, Black-winged Stilt and Avocet.

During the summer it is also possible to see other types of birds such as the Cormorant, Mallard or Reed Bunting. Among the fish you can find, among others, Eel, Seabass, Bream and Mullet.

The Valle Furlana can be reached by crossing the river Reno with the charming ferry that sails from Sant’Alberto, the headquarters and starting point of the park’s visitor centre. From here there is also a cycle/pedestrian path which winds its way for about 6.5 kilometres to Volta Scirocco.


Further information

How to get there

Drive along the Strada Statale Romea and turn westward just south of the Reno river; you will then reach the villages of Mandriole and Sant’Alberto. Once on the southern bank of the river, you can embark on a ferry (on the same spot, there is also a bike and canoe rental) and get to the other bank, that is very close to Furlana Valley.

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