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Southern lagoons of Comacchio (Valle Furlana)

The LAGOONS OF COMACCHIO are an incredible wetland area of more than 130 square kilometers between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna.

The southern part, delimited by the Reno river, is part of the territory of Ravenna and features some very significant sites of natural interest.

The area is characterized by alternating stripes of land and water. Some spots are particularly fascinating due to the presence of sandy islets, some of which only surface at low tide.


The easiest way to reach the southern Lagoons of Comacchio, coming from Ravenna, leads to the picturesque cable ferry of Sant’Alberto.

Once you’ve crossed the Reno river, enjoy the first spectacular view at the Peninsula of Boscoforte: a narrow strip of land separating Valle Fossa di Porto from Oasi di Valle Furlana and from Valle Lido di Magnavacca.

The whole area is incredibly valuable from a naturalistic point of view, in terms of both avifauna and vegetation. The landscape is dotted with tamarisks and sea rushes, salicornia, willows and silver poplars.


If you continue northwards along the bank of the Reno river, you’ll get to the bight of the lagoon up to Volta Scirocco, hosting some observation huts and starting point of the spectacular Argine degli Angeli.

A cycle and pedestrian path of about 5 km that seem to be suspended between water and sky, surrounded by the waters of the lagoons and charming flocks of birds.

The name of this path seem to come from the presence of species of birds with large wings.




Valle Furlana, which can be observed from the left bank of the Reno river, is like a sleeping sea, populated by many species of birds, for which this area is of irresistible appeal.

If you walk or ride a bike here, you can catch sight of swans, pink flamingos, herons, ducks, avocets, Eurasian spoonbills, common shelducks, little terns, western marsh harriers and black-winged stilts.

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Access to the area is free.

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Free access.

How to get there

The Southern lagoons of Comacchio are located about 15 km north of Ravenna, in the town of Sant’Alberto (RA).

By car: from Ravenna, follow Strada Provinciale 1 (via Sant’Alberto); from Bologna, exit the A14 motorway in Ravenna, then turn on via Sant’Alberto when you are on Romea Dir; from Ferrara, take the SS16 state road towards Alfonsine, then turn on via Basilica towards Conventello-Sant’Alberto.

By bus: lines no. 140-141-144. For more information:

A cura della Redazione Locale

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