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Parking in Ravenna

Ravenna city centre has many parking areas (free or with charges).

Pay attention to the ZTL areas (Limited traffic zones called “Zona a Traffico Limitato” in Italian): there are areas of the city centre closed to the traffic with control cameras at every access.

If you don’t have an authorization, ask your host or check our website to discover more. This may spare you a fee.

Free parking

1. ANTICO LAZZARETTO (Piazzale Antico Lazzaretto, via Monsignor Lanzoni; parking lots 224); 2. ATALARICO (Via Atalarico; parking lots 80); 3. ROCCA BRANCALEONE (Via Rocca Brancaleone; parking lots 85); 4. DE FOIX (Via Gastone De Foix; parking lots 25); 5. MINARDI (Piazza Fratelli Minardi, via Chiavica Romea; parking lots 90); 6. TEODORICO (Via Teodorico; parking lots 84); 7. MORO (Piazza Aldo Moro; parking lots 109); 8. SANT’ANNA (Via Sant’Anna / Via Girolamo Rossi; parking lots 38); 9. GALLEGARI (Via Fiume Montone Abbandonato; parking lots 88); 10. VACCHI (Piazzale Natalina Vacchi; parking lots 248); 11. ORTO SIBONI (Circonvallazione al Molino; parking lots 67); 12. MOLINO (Via Molino; parking lots 50); 13. SERRA (Via Renato Serra; parking lots 80); 14. TREDICI GIUGNO (Piazzale Tredici Giugno, via Renato Serra; parking lots 92); 15. DELLE BLACHERNE (Piazzale delle Blacherne / Circonvallazione Piazza D’Armi; parking lots 106).

Incentive Parking (free)

1. PALA MAURO DE ANDRÉ (Via Trieste / Via Destra Canale Molinetto; parking lots 1021); 2. CINEMA CITY (Via Secondo Bini; parking lots 1277); 3. VIA TRIESTE (Strada Statale 67).

From the incentive car parking zones you can reach the city centre and the beaches of Ravenna using the local public transport service. Info on:

Charged parking

1.  DELLA RESISTENZA(Piazza della Resistenza; parking lots 145); 2. TORRE UMBRATICA (Piazzale Torre Umbratica; parking lots 136); 3. ROSSI (Piazzale Rossi; parking lots 62); 4. MAMELI (Piazza Mameli; parking lots 62); 5. ALIGHIERI (Via Beatrice Alighieri; parking lots 82); 6. SEGURINI (Piazzale Segurini; parking lots 62); 7. RICCI (Via Ricci; parking lots 21); 8. D’ANNUNZIO (Piazza D’Annunzio; parking lots 25); 9. MONFALCONE (Via Monfalcone; parking lots 44); 10. DUOMO (Piazza Duomo; parking lots 14); 11. BARACCA (Piazza Baracca; parking lots 80); 12. LARGO FIRENZE (Largo Firenze; parking lots 111); 13. RANDI MISSIROLI (Viale Randi; parking lots 45); 14. PIAZZA ANNA MAGNANI15. GIUSTINIANO (Largo Giustiniano; parking lots 318); 16. CURA (Via Cura; parking lots 80); 17. PORT’AUREA (Via Port’Aurea; parking lots 130); 18. GUIDARELLO (Via Guidarello; parking lots 75); 19. SANTA TERESA (Via De Gasperi; parking lots 72); 20. BEZZI (Via Bezzi; parking lots 60).

In every parking area you will find a parking ticket machine, but you can also easily pay for your parking through your mobile phone, downloading the App MYCICERO!

With MYCICERO, parking is easy and immediate: you will be able to activate, lengthen or stop your parking time with one click.


1. GARAGE NAVONI (Vicolo Padenna, 13 – Tel. +39 0544 212534);2. GARAGE LA TORRE (Via Rossi, 49 – Tel. +39 0544 39059); 3. GARAGE MARIANI (Via Mariani, 42 – Tel. +39 331 9898920); 4. GARAGE SAN VITALE (Via San Vitale, 10 – Tel. +39 0544 217911); 5. GARAGE CENTRALE (Via Longhi, 23 – Tel. +39 0544 31147); 6. GARAGE CENTRALE 2 (Via Matteucci, 11 – Tel. +39 0544 217862).

Couch and van parking 

If you travel on your van or you are a tourist operator organizing bus travels, you will be glad to know that Ravenna has five dedicated parking areas. Check our website to find out which ones!

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