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Scooter and bike rental

To visit the beauties of Ravenna and cross the several itineraries on a bike or a scooter could be a great way to enjoy the city

The entire territory is on level ground, and it features a widespread network of cycle lanes. Travelling in Ravenna by bike is quite easy, not to mention it is a healthy and sustainable activity.

In all safety, you can reach the main monuments in the city centre, and go way beyond, arriving up to the seaside (Marina di Ravenna, for instance, is just 12 km away from the city centre). You can even reach the nearby natural areas, such as the pine forests and the oases of the Po Delta Park.

Most of the accommodation facilities in the city offer a free bike rental service. However, in case they don’t, you can search for the private bike rental, always at tourists’ and citizens’ disposal. Otherwise, a new bike and electric scooter sharing service is available.

San Vitale Bike Rental

Piazzale Farini, 1
Telephone: +39 345 7187028

Casa del Ciclo

Via San Mama, 152
Telephone: +39 0544 407495

Sambi Personal Bike

Via Marconi, 75
Telephone: +39 0544 1885711


Bike sharing Ravenna – VeloSpot

bike rental Velospot

Velospot is the new bike-sharing system of the Municipality of Ravenna, managed by Cooperativa San Vitale.

The service counts 285 bycicles: 45 power-assisted bycicles and 240 common bikes. You find Velospot in the city centre of Ravenna and in the beach towns of Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini (MAP)

The 45 electric bikes must be taken and deposited only in the five dedicated stations:

  • Piazza Piloti del Porto – Marina di Ravenna (not working in winter)
  • Via Terzo Sirotti – Porto Corsini (not working in winter)
  • Piazzale Aldo Moro – Ravenna
  • Largo della Strada Romana (parking area Via Romea Sud/Via Marabina) – Ravenna
  • Museum Classis Ravenna – Via Classense, 29 – Classe


To use the Velospot bycicles, you have to download on your smartphone the free mobile App VeloSpot (Android and iOS), register and buy a ticket (tickets may vary from 30 minutes up to 1 year).
You will receive a temporary code per email. Dial the code on the number pad of the bycicle’s lock to unlock it.

The bike, except for the SINGLE RIDE ticket, can be taken and handed back more than once in a day without any fine, provided that every rental lasts less than 30 minutes.

Electric scooter rental – HelbizGO

HelbizGo: scooters free floating service

HelbizGO is a free floating urban transport solution directly connected to the Helbiz platform.

You can find HelbizGO Scooters in the city centre of Ravenna and in the seaside resorts of Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme.
You can move from Ravenna to the seaside resorts only driving on the cycle lane. It is FORBIDDEN to move in areas different from the ones listed above.
The electric scooters do not require a suitable parking lot: you just leave the vehicle in a quiet spot, parked responsibly, once you have done using it.


To use HelbizGo you just have to download the free App Helbiz (Android and iOS) on your Smartphone, find the nearest scooter through your app and scan the QR code on the handlebars to unlock it.


To drive the e-scooters you have to be at least 14 years old; for people up to 18 years old helmet is compulsory. You can drive the e-scooters exclusively on the car lanes limited to 50km/h (where bikes are not allowed) and on suburban streets, but only on bike lanes.

The maximum allowed speed is 25 km/h, limited to 6 km/h in pedestrian areas. Lights and reflective vest are compulsory at night with scarce lighting. Both your hands must be free and hold the handlebars, except when you have to signal the turn. It is forbidden to carry or drag people or objects.

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