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Municipality of Ravenna

Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

Ravenna city centre is largely a pedestrian area and therefore a LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE (ZTL – Zona a Traffico Limitato). You cannot access the area with your car without a valid permit.

Accesses to the Limited Traffic Zone are monitored by cameras that read the license plates of the vehicles entering and exiting the area, confronting them with the database of authorized vehicles. Unauthorized entrance entails a fine.


  • Leave your car in a parking area outside the LTZ;
  • Ask your host if the accommodation is within the Limited Traffic Zone. He may have a special permit for accessing the ZTL to grant you;
  • Buy an ZTL Daily Circulation and Parking Permit. The permit is granted only to vehicles weighing less than 5 tons.
    24h enabled parking meters are to be found in:  1. Piazzale Torre Umbriatica (code 8); 2. Via Augusta, 2 (code 65); 3. Piazza Mameli (code 4); 4. Piazza della Resistenza (code 130); 5. Via Maggiore, 50 (code 28); 6. Via R. Ricci angolo Via Castel S. Pietro (code 30); 7. Viale Santi Baldini fronte Via Gradisca (code 120).
  • Disabled parking permit holder (or accompanying people) can freely access the ZTL. Make sure to write an email to, with  license plate number and disabled partking permit data (number, date of issue and expiry, place of issue) , the date when you intend to drive within the LTZ, copy of ID document.



24h control:

1. Via Di Roma; 2. Via Guaccimanni; 3. Via Baccarini; 4. Via Rondinelli; Via Guerrini; 5. Via Cavour (entrance piazzetta Gandhi); 6. Via Ponte Marino

Control 7.30am – 8.30pm:

1. Via Mariani; 2. Via Guerrini; 3. Via Matteucci

For further information

Municipal Police Permits Department
Via D’Alaggio, 3 – Ravenna
Open: 9am – 12.30pm (Monday to Friday)
Tel. +39 0544 482937
Website: Municipal Police permits department


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