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By bike to Comacchio


  • from: Piazza dell'Aquila
  • to: Piazza del Popolo
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  • All seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter

  • Hard
  • Sportspeople
  • Length

  • 113 km

113 km to the discovery of the Lagoons of Comacchio, in the Po Delta Park.

A very charming itinerary. A long route, but one that is able to offer you stunning sights.

The route starts from Piazza dell’Aquila and heads north, towards Venice.

As soon as you are out of the city, turn west: thus begins a flat, 21-km-long stretch of the route.

The road is mainly paved, allowing you to maintain a good speed.

You will ride through the countryside north of the city, through a large plain made up of fields and small towns standing out on a rural landscape stretching as far as the eye can see.

Once you get to Sant’Alberto (Ravenna), a small town on the edge of the Lagoons of Comacchio, you will pass by the so-called Palazzone, a building built by the Estensi family in the first half of the 16th century as a military garrison, today hosting the NatuRa Museum.

The Lagoons are just some pedal strokes away, but first you will have to “ford” the Reno river thanks to the historical ferry boat.

Now, you are just in front of the lagoons. The sight is unique and incredible, especially at sunset. Flocks of flamingos and light effects make the landscape a true fest for the eyes.

Thanks to Via Rotta Marinella, you will ride along the whole area up to the fishing village of Comacchio, with its canals and bridges.

The itinerary goes on to Porto Garibaldi and Lido degli Estensi, 2 out of the 7 beach towns of Comacchio, where you will admire the sea.

From here, start your ride back to the lagoons and Sant’Alberto, where you will have to board the ferry boat once again.

The final km leading to Ravenna go through the countryside and pass by the small hamlet of San Romualdo.

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