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Squacquerone di Romagna
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The squacquerone cheese from Romagna, also called Squaquaron, is a local product of the area. It has a rural origin and is traditionally eaten with piadina.
Together with casatella, it is a variety of the famous cheese raviggiolo, but it differs from it in aging and salting procedures.
It has a soft and wobbly texture, has no rind and is exclusively obtained from cow’s whole milk. It weighs between 1-3 kg. It must be eaten fresh, within three days at the most.

Its soft texture, its white pearly colour, its delicate smell and its sweet and slightly acidulous taste make it an excellent filling for piadina, but also an ideal food for snacks, starters and cold meals.

Recently Squacquerone was given a Protected Designation of Origin by the European commission.

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