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TREBBIANO is the most widely grown kind of vine in Romagna. It is a classical still white wine with a traditional vinification process. It is medium-bodied, has a straw yellow colour with green hues and is moderately sour. It has an intense vinous aroma, it is dry and has a slightly bitter finish.

It is also known as Trebbiano della Fiamma (lit. fire Trebbiano), as the colour of the fully ripe grapes is golden and shiny yellow.

Its origins go back a long time, maybe to Roman or Etruscan times, and it is also mentioned by Pliny the Elder as “vinum trebulanum“. Agronomist Pietro De’ Crescenzi mentions it in his 14th-century writings.

Wit its sapid and dry taste, it is perfect to accompany fish dishes or salads and light first courses. It is also very good with piadina, cold cuts and squacquerone (or other soft cheeses).

Trebbiano di Romagna obtained the IGT label (typical geographical indication) in 1995.

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