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Mussels and clams

CLAMS are a kind of mollusc living under the sand that is usually fished in large quantities after a heavy sea storm. Similar to clams are tellinas, a bit smaller and with a white or yellow-ivory colour on the inside.

MUSSELS are one of the products of excellence of the Romagna territory and is getting more and more important even on international markets. The Mussel of Marina di Ravenna is categorized as “wild” and grows in deep water, at the bottom of offshore platforms. It is hand-picked by fishermen, who dive as deep as 10/15 metres, and sometimes even 25 metres. This kind of mussel does not require any specific processing and can be eaten directly.

They also have a low environmental impact, because they do not need the very pollutant plastic nets used in breeding areas.

Both mussels and clams are very tasty in many different ways.

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The mussels of Marina di Ravenna

A real “pearl” of the Adriatic Sea, in the last few years the mussels of Marina di Ravenna have become one of the main products of the local cuisine. Every June, a festival organised in Ravenna and in the nine beach towns there is also a festival dedicated to them.

This special kind of mussel spontaneously grows some miles off the coast of Ravenna, at the bottom of the platforms for the extraction of methane. There, the currents facilitate its development and genuine quality.

The secret of these high-quality wild mussels is the special place where they grow. The bottoms of the platforms ensure a maximum cleanliness of water, as it is free of any other “encrusting” body. As they grow near the coastline, they are often touched by currents of fresh water providing nutrients and making them grow big and tasty.