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Pinewood Asparagus
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The Asparagus or asparagine (in Romagnolo dialect known as sparaz, sparz or sparazena) has its natural habitat in the Ravenna Pinewood.
Until the middle of last century, it was picked up by the so-called “pinaroli”, people who lived in humble homes in the pine forests and from which they drew most of their livelihood. Today, thanks to a restoration project of local products, it is grown in greenhouses and fields.

The pine forest asparagus grows wild in the vegetation, the shoots are reddish or dark, the lower leaves are thorny. There are two main types: the “San Vitale” (Asparagus tenuifolius) fine and with nice flavor and the “Bardello” (Asparagus marittimus), rustic and with pungent taste.
After the collection it may be stored in a refrigerated environment for a maximum of two days until consumption or for conferring on the market. However, it can be maintained for longer by means of freezing or other systems (for example preserved in oil).

Just like those growing in greenhouses or fields, wild asparagus can also be boiled and seasoned with olive oil and lemon and in the preparation of pasta dishes, omelettes and quiches.

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