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Romagna charcuterie board

A ROMAGNA CHARCUTERIE BOARD, usually made of beech or oak wood, is traditionally round-shaped – the nicest shape and the best one to represent hospitality and equality. Placed in the centre of the table, it allows every table companion to reach the delicacies that are over it.

In a typical Romagna charcuterie board you will surely find piadina, that goes well with every ingredient but is extremely tasty also when eaten plain. You will then find various kinds of cheese, among which mature formaggio di fossa and soft squacquerone, which is great with fragrant preserves, rocket or caramelised figs. Another must-have ingredient is ciccioli – compressed, dried and fatty chip-like leftover pieces of pork – sometimes used to accompany cocktails and glasses of wine.

The perfect accompanying wine for the strong flavours of a Romagna charcuterie board should be a red one, such as Sangiovese.

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