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Mackerel, sardines and anchovies
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“Bluefish” are some varieties of fish generally of small size, of various shapes and shades of silver staining, largely present in the waters off the coast of Ravenna.

Among these are:
• The sardine, vulgarly called sarda or sardella, generally preserved in oil. Excellent in the months of May and June;
• The anchovy or alice (also called sardone) to be eaten fresh, fried or pickled. Excellent in the months of January and February;
• The papalina (called saraghina nearby Ravenna), sold fresh or salted, tasty breaded and baked. Excellent from April to July;
• The acquadella, coming from fisheries with padelloni located along the waterways leading to the sea, delicious floured and fried in vegetable oil. Excellent in Autumn;
• The mackerel, inhabitant of great depths, roasted, usually caught from May also with the hook. Excellent in the months of May, June and September.

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