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Fried piadina
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Fried piadina is a recipe from Romagna which originated from the valley of the Santerno river. It is a sort of fried bread of circular shape. It is quite thin and golden brown. It can be usually bought in piadina kiosks or during town festivals or country fairs.

It can be eaten either empty and uncut or with a variety of fillings. It is usually served instead of bread to accompany other dishes or it is very often used as a starter paired with cold cuts (pork scratchings, salami, seasoned pork shoulder) and cheese, or as a base for sweets (spreaded with chocolate cream).

Its preparation is very simple. The dough (consisting of water, flour, salt, yeast or bicarbonate), once risen, is flattened using a rolling pin so as to obtain discs around 20 cm in diameter. These discs are fried in oil in a large pan for a few minutes. Then they are drained and served with a sprinkle of salt.

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