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The doughnut
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Recipe by Francesco Bendandi
Gelateria Sbrino
Pop Up Dock

Ingredients for a doughnut

  • 500 g flour 00
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 100 g lard
  • 20 g white wine
  • 100 ml. milk
  • Lemon peel
  • 15 g yeast
  • 3 g salt


Not all donuts are born with a hole. It certainly true in Ravenna, where, in spite of the name, the traditional homemade cake has never had a hole.

The shape of this cake, in fact, is elongated, like that of a loaf of bread, and, in addition to the company of milk, the Romagna doughnut does not disdain that of a glass of wine!

To make everything even more unusual and pleasantly novel, this donut is not made in a pastry shop, nor in your grandmother’s oven, but you can find it in an ice-cream shop.

To be precise, in the workshop and kiosk “Darsena Pop Up” by Francesco Bendandi, aka “Sbrino”, his lucky nickname.

As a chef in Ravenna, with a good track record abroad, for the last couple of years he has been proposing a doughnut recipe that starts out from tradition and, in the process, becomes the ultimate innovation, even turning into ice cream.

The first recipe is simple: the chef prepares the dough with flour, eggs, lard, milk, yeast, a pinch of salt and a drop of white wine, to which he adds a grated lemon rind and then leaves it covered to rest for 30 minutes.

Once the right time has passed, the dough is rolled out in a baking pan and brushed with egg or milk, covered with sugar and sugar grains.

The doughnut bakes in the oven at 180 degrees for about twenty minutes or – the chef suggests – until it has passed the “toothpick test”.

But for the Sbrino the most exciting challenge is to transfer the ingredients, taste and soul of the Romagna doughnut into an ice-cream that is made by separating the sugars to obtain the right balance, reinforcing the dough with an extra egg and adding pasteurized milk and cream, necessary for the final magic: from a slice of doughnut to a cup of ice-cream.

All this without losing anything of the quality of the essential seasonal ingredients, and which convey the taste of tradition intact into the flavours and aromas.

On this basis, Bendandi enthusiastically joined the challenge of the newly founded association “RavennaFood – Amici di Chef to Chef”.


The gastronomic ice cream to serve at the table

Who said ice cream is just a cold dessert to be enjoyed on hot summer days? What if, instead, a foie-gras ice-cream were served as an appetizer, in a traditional dish, such as risotto alla parmigiana, an ice-cream with fresh tomatoes and basil oil, or alternatively a gazpacho sorbet and, finally, an original “second life” of grandmother’s doughnut?

In answer to this question we find all the genius of “Sbrino Gelato Naturale, Darsena Pop Up in Ravenna”.

The protagonist of this enterprise is chef Francesco who, in 2018, created a start up, already the flagship of the itinerary of good taste in Ravenna, which is also a successful project in the development of the city’s dock and the Candiano canal promenade.

The idea of transforming all kinds of delicacies and gourmet recipes into ice-cream is in fact very popular and attracts many young people.

A confirmation of this success are the 40 restaurants that already sell Sbrino products.

Among the most popular, piadina flavoured ice cream with ham, figs and squacquerone; or a sushi-flavoured cone with Nori seaweed and rice vinegar; ice cream with smoked oil and whisky; ice cream with cappasanta coral; or, again, toffee with peanut butter.

The young chef’s philosophy is to preserve intact the identity of the original taste of a dish, without derivatives or commercial tricks.

Upstream, then, there is a careful selection of ingredients that, for their quality and ethical value, Bendandi buys from the best producers and artisans, such as Icg hazelnuts from Piedmont, the liquorice that he orders in Calabria and, in the territory, the companies that produce caramelized figs, preserves and jams, fresh fruit, raisins.

The most recent arrivals are the cocktail ice cream sticks: gin and tonic, Moscow mule, Piña Colada, perfect in their liquid recipe but brilliantly recreated by Sbrino in the form of ice cream. And so, in addition to the gourmet taste, in the ice-cream parlour you also begin with a toast!

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