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The seaside towns of Ravenna

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Beach of CasalBorsetti (Ravenna) - Panoramich view from above

Forty kilometres of coastline, forty kilometres of clean beaches, over which the Blue Flag is flattering: these are the seaside towns of Ravenna. The nine seaside resorts or “lidos” are all well-equipped and well-serviced. At a short distance from the city and its marvellous Unesco heritage monuments, they meet the needs of all ages and tourists.

Casal Borsetti

Starting from the northern edge of the coastline, Casal Borsetti is a wonderful place for nature lovers in the heart of the Regional Po Delta Park. Once an ancient fishing village, thanks to its position, it is today a good starting point for excursions to the natural oasis of Punte Alberete and the Comacchio Valleys.  Furthermore, a large stretch of public beach has been recently opened to dogs.

Marina Romea

Lapped by the lagoon of Pialassa della Baiona and centuries-old pine forests, Marina Romea is a haven of peace and relaxation, faithful tothe ancient Roman concept of otium.
With a small harbour, villas golden beaches and modern beach establishments behind natural dunes, Marina Romea is the ideal place to devote oneself to the well-being of body and spirit.

The many initiatives will entertain you children, who will enjoy their holidays here. On the other hand, don’t miss the guided tours to the Po Delta Park, for an exciting encounter with nature.

Porto Corsini

The little town of Porto Corsini rises north of Marina di Ravenna, divided by the Candiano canal, and connected to it through a ferry boat service. Even though it is a small fishing village, in its harbour large cruise ships dock.

With the centuries-old pine forest of San Vitale behind, it is the ideal destination for lovers of a dynamic, sporting holiday. There is an embarrassment of riches: from water sports to horse riding, with sailing schools and a renowned equestrian centre.

The “walk in the sea” along the more than two kilometres of breakwater is the favourite destination for anglers, cyclists and runners; you should definitely try it

Marina di Ravenna

Wide avenues immersed in the green landscape and early twentieth century villas surrounded by luxuriant parks is what makes Marina di Ravenna special. Its vast beach, with more than two hundred metres of sand, stretches out between bathing establishments and natural dunes.

It’s the favourite destination for the youngsters, also due to its proximity to the city centre. It is a modern town where you can have fun, sipping a cocktail or enjoying dinner on the beach.

Diving enthusiasts from all over Italy come here for the appealing  biological safeguard area “Paguro”, a fish restocking area just 12 miles off the coast.
Created from the remains of a methane drilling platform that sank in 1965, the Paguro platform is now inhabited by animals and plants. For its maritime biodiversity, it has become a popular destination for researchers and divers. In addition, the fish market and the sea turtle protection centre are also noteworthy.

Punta Marina Terme

Especially favoured by families for its well-equipped beach and accommodation facilities, Punta Marina Terme offers a spa centre on the seashore. Besides the curative facilities for respiratory and rheumatic problems, the Beauty Centre offers a choice of wellness paths to indulge in a few moments of relaxation.

Punta Marina Terme is also rich in sports and entertainment activities, even for the most demanding people. You will find equipment and initiatives dedicated to beach volleyball and beach tennis. Those who love the “dolce vita”, on the other hand, can choose from the several quality restaurants on the beach. Punta Marina Terme is also connected to Ravenna by a cycle path.

Lido Adriano

Lido Adriano has always been the kingdom of young people and families because of the great variety of facilities ready to meet the needs of those who want to engage in more dynamic activities, such as beach volleyball or sailing.

For children, there are water parks and playgrounds, while young people and adults will find a rich programme of events and local initiatives on the seafront to enjoy the summer evenings under the open sky.

Lido di Dante

At the top of the list of the most beautiful beaches in Italy compiled by Legambiente is Lido di Dante: a breathtaking view of the sea on the centuries-old Pine Forest of Classe. The beach is immersed in the nature reserve of the Bevano river mouth. This seaside resort is ideal for those who love nature, life in the open air. It’s the perfect destination to spend the holidays in an authentic context. One of the most beautiful stretches of the public beach of Bassona – about 3 kilometres – is reserved for naturists.

Lido di Classe

The Pine Forest of Classe — with its numerous nature trails you can cover on foot, by bicycle or on horseback — connect Lido di Dante to Lido di Classe and, further south, Lido di Savio.

It is just a stone’s throw from the nearby town of Classe, with the splendid Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe (part of the Unesco World Heritage Site), the museum Classis Ravenna and the Ancient Port. Classe coastline stretches for over three kilometres and is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful in Romagna.

Reaching as far as the southern area of the mouth of the Bevano river, most of the beach is located within the coastal dune nature reserve. The crystal-clear, azure waters, especially on clear sunny days, are astounding.

The beaches are equipped with every comfort and, in one stretch, you can even enjoy a day with your dog.
You can play tennis, ride a mountain bike, sail, ride a horse, kitesurf, and hang-gliding from the flight school.  You can also book an excursion at a high altitude and admire from above the natural wonderful landscapes or try the experience of jumping with a parachute from above 2,000 metres height.

Lido di Savio

Lido di Savio, with its 2 kilometres of beach, its neat and elegant urban design, is located south of the mouth of the namesake river Savio.

Sports, fitness and entertainment seekers love this destination for the water slides, tennis courts, sailing school and facilities for rowing and water-skiing.
Very close to Lido di Savio is Mirabilandia, Italy’s largest amusement park, and just a few kilometres away are the beach towns of Milano Marittima and Cervia.



Suspended above sandy dunes

The long, suspended wooden walkways protect the fascinating natural sand dunes of the Ravenna beaches. They are connected to one another through a network of trails between sea and pine forest, allowing you to discover all the beauty of the surrounding nature on foot of by bike.

Many seaside resorts have been enhancend with the walkways, giving their community the pleasure of a walk in nature, in complete safety for themselves and the environment, contributing to keep the beach cleaner and easily accessible.

To the protection of the coast, moreover, many interventions of beach nourishment and reef monitoring. In addition, some underwater figures have been designed in order to offer protection against coastal erosion.

All these works are part of the wider project of the Ravenna Maritime Park, which aims to connect the beach to the pine forest, but also the city to the valleys and lagoons, making the Ravenna coast more available and accessible. The project’s goal is to offer protection to the environment and ecosystem. It’s an enhancement that looks more attentively to the co-existence of man and nature.

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