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Ravenna Maritime Park

Just close your eyes and try to imagine… The works on the great project of the Ravenna Maritime Park are about to begin. In a few years it will shape the whole landscape of the nine seaside resorts of the former Byzantine capital.

The objective? To connect the beach to the pine forest, the city of art to the wetlands through a series of interventions that will make the coast of Ravenna one of the most beautiful in all Emilia-Romagna and beyond.

Ravenna Maritime Park
Ravenna Maritime Park (project rendering)

Within the landscape that defines the coastline of Emilia-Romagna, the beach of Ravenna is the most surprising one. For its features and its look, it is so different from the nearby beaches of Rimini and Riccione.

Ravenna coastline is “a thousand things in one”. The Po Delta Park designing the geography of its landscape, the 35 kilometres of coast that welcome nine seaside towns—all so different from one another, and lastly the unique co-existance of beaches, dunes, pine forests and wetlands cannot be found anywhere else.

A Sea to breathe, enjoy and share

In the Romagna Riviera, you will find a territory you would have never expected!

The key element of Ravenna is NATURE, in all its different forms.

The pine forest behind the coast, combining with the blue of the Adriatic sea, creates breathtaking views. This scenario perfectly combines with the multitude of colours of the bathing establishments, ready to welcome you in the name of hospitality and to make you live a unique experience.


Ravenna Maritime Park (project rendering)



The project aims to protect and preserve the existence of different environments as well as create new areas dedicated to humankind. The sea, the beach, the bathing establishments, the sporting and hotel facilities, the pine forest and the wetlands laying behind, the brackish lagoons, the fresh water of the rivers: all is a well-connected and harmonious network of places, mirror of a real lifestyle.


The Maritime Park will be for all. A network of pedestrian and cycle trails will connect the coast to the inland, re-enhancing the accesses to the bathing establishments and increasing the views on the sea with parks, piazzas and rest areas. The project also aims to increase the accessible trails and facilities as well as the pet-friendly areas.


Ravenna is land, sea and art. Since forever. Guests and citizens alike will enjoy the natural beauty and the cultural, tourist and natural offer. The coastline and the city centre, the lagoon and the monuments will fit in a single map of itineraries and experiences all connected with one another.


Technology can and has to support Nature, bringing it closer and improving the knowledge of it, making it look even more charming and easy to discover. The nine seaside resorts of Ravenna will be modernised and enhanced with optical fibre, in order to support life also during the off-season.
Even the public transport network will be enhanced, in order to move away the parking areas and give back to trees and nature their—and our—space.

RAVENNA MARITIME PARK: a new way to immagine the beaches of Ravenna but, most of all, to experience them.

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