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Ramazzotti pine forest

Brought back to life after it was seriously damaged by a fire in 2012, the RAMAZZOTTI PINE FOREST is one of the most significant natural environments of the Adriatic coast.

The area is protected within the Po Delta Park and was listed in Luoghi del Cuore del FAI (the National Trust of Italy). It offers the possibility to observe nascent forms of life surrounded by a centuries-old landscape.

The pine forest represents a unique natural heritage that must be safeguarded and known for its extraordinary beauty and the animal species that live here. The area, in close proximity to the sea, hosts the nesting of the kentish plover, a protected species of wader that nestles on the beach.

What to do

The Ramazzotti pine forest stretches from Lido di Dante and the Bevano river mouth. Thanks to a loop trail, it is possible to visit it from different starting points.

One of this ones is the coast town Lido di Dante, just south of the Fiumi Uniti river. It is possible to enter the pine forest from one of the access points along via Paolo e Francesca, both from the town and along the beach, just after the camping areas.

The trail leads to the Bevano river mouth, magnificent and unspoilt place, and then comes back along the beach or other trails through the pine forest.

The other starting point, especially if you want to visit the area by bike, is the Pine forest of Classe. You can decide to start from Parco I° Maggio and then go on along via Fosso Ghiaia or a bit further, from the crossroads between via Fosso Ghiaia and Via della Sacca. If you go on from here, you will get to the Bevano river mouth and then go through the pine forest, from which you can reach Lido di Dante and come back on other trails.

What to see

The most charming spot is undoubtedly the Bevano river mouth, where you will see a series of “dune belts” and fossil meanders of the river, which show the possible coastline of Romagna centuries ago. The area is protected and access-regulated, but it is possible to admire the landscape and its inhabitants from some towers on the itinerary.

In the pine forest, it is still possible to see the new growing area after the fire, where both animal and plant native species take their place towards a rebirth and a new balance.

Finally, the wet area in the heart of the pine forest is very appealing.


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Luigi Rava, ante-litteram ecologist

If today we can still see the pine forests of Classe, San Vitale, Savio and Ramazzotti, it is to a large extent thanks to Luigi Rava (1860-1938), senator from Ravenna. He was the father of the first environmental and cultural heritage protection laws in Italy.

In particular, in 1905 he pushed through a law “for the conservation of the pine forest of Ravenna“, Italy’s first environmental law that – presented with Corrado Ricci’s law on the artistic heritage – allowed the conservation of the pine forests of Ravenna as “cultural and natural heritage“.

Since the early 20th century, various state-owned pine forests – especially the Ramazzotti and Savio ones – were created behind the coastal dunes. Their aim was to protect the crops in the background from seawinds by overlapping with the original shrub vegetation of the undergrowth.

Further information

Opening times

From March 1st to July 15th (unless the nestling phase goes further) Access denied. You can only access the area by joining guided tours on foot on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and publich holidays, in scheduled times or upon booking.
The authorisation to access the area is released by Reparto Carabinieri per la Biodiversità di Punta Marina upon request with advance notice. 

From July 16th (unless extended) to February 28th
July (unless extended) – September: 8.00 am – 8.00 pm
October-February: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
You can access the area on foot or by bike on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays on the cycling path (unless you join a guided tour with a more extensive itinerary) until the lookout tower on the Bevano river mouth. 

How to get there

Ramazzotti pine forest is located between the small seaside town Lido di Dante and the natural oasis of the Bevano river mouth.

By car: we suggest you to leave your car in the parking area in Viale Guido del Duca. From here, you can access the pine forest behind the dunes from the back of the Camping Village Ramazzotti.

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