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1° Maggio Park

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The Parco I Maggio is a green area equipped with facilities in the Pinewood of Classe, a meeting place and access point to the various itineraries through the woods.

In the large pinewood stands the Casa delle Aie – Cà Aie – which today serves as a service building for the park, but remains as a testimony to the ancient pinewood economy.

In this farmhouse building, in fact, the “pignaroli” (pine cone pickers) used to stay overnight. The park is popular with visitors, sports enthusiasts and mushroom hunters and is also popular with families in summer and at weekends. Not to be missed are the traditional events held here, such as the truffle and pine nut festivals in spring.

The “Le Querce di Dante” (Dante’s Oaks) leads you to an oak wood that is said to have inspired the poet Dante Alighieri in his description of “la divina foresta spessa e viva” (the divine thick and living forest), with specimens of holm oak and English oak; the “Dune e Pinete” (Dunes and Pinewoods) itinerary, given its proximity to the sea, allows you to easily reach, on foot or by bicycle, points of great natural and scenic value, such as the mouth of the Bevano torrent, with the coastal dune surrounded by the pinewood of Classe.

From here, at last, you can reach the Ortazzo wetland, an important nesting and resting area for aquatic avifauna.


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The park is located east of Strada Statale 16 Adriatica, between the villages of Classe, Fosso Ghiaia and Savio.

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