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Ravenna is not only a city of culture, art and history.Its urban centre and the surroundings offer many activities for everyone, also in terms of physical activity in the open air.

Public parks, green areas in the city (and out of it) and beaches – there are many places where it is possible to admire urban and natural lanscapes while keeping fit. Here are some ideal places where you can have a run or a walk.

Darsena area 

Panoramic view on the Darsena (Ravenna)
Panoramic view on the Darsena (Ravenna) | Photo © Luca Concas, Archivio Comune di Ravenna

The best place to run in the city is probably the Darsena area, located just behind the railway station, in the area among via Trieste, via delle Industrie and the drawbridge.

It is characterised by an artificial canal built at the end of the 20th century which connects the historical centre of Ravenna to the Adriatic Sea thanks to the Candiano Canal.

The whole area around the canal can be covered on foot, along fascinating industrial plants which are no longer in use.

There are many people walking and running, both alone and in good company, at any time of day.

You can complete a full circuit (about 5 km) or run straight along one of the two docks. If you want our advice, come here at sunset, you will not regret it!

Parco Teodorico

Parco Teodorico (Ravenna)
Parco Teodorico (Ravenna) | Photo © Archivio Ravenna Turismo

Around the famous Mausoleum of Theodoric, Unesco World Heritage monument, is a 14-hectare-large green area designed in 2006 by architect Boris Podrecca.

It is one of the main parks of the city and is much frequented by young people and families to do sports or be in the open air.

The park features large green lawns delimited by walkways perfect for jogging and walking, wooded areas, children’s playgrounds, a marble track, a basketball court and a rugby field.

Then, there is of course a break area, with a restaurant and toilets.

Public Gardens of Ravenna

Public Gardens of Ravenna
Public Gardens of Ravenna | Photo © Archivio Ravenna Turismo

Located just behind the MAR – Ravenna Art Museum, this small green lung (which was previously home to the city hippodrome) is the perfect place for a moment of relaxation or for a walk in the shade of the trees.

Many people, mainly living around the area or in the historical centre, come here to play games, keep fit, read, relax or run.

Ippodromo Candiano

Ippodromo Candiano (Ravenna)
Ippodromo Candiano (Ravenna)

The hippodrome of Ravenna is located in the Darsena area and is part of a large sports complex.

Built between 1928 and 1931 to replace the already existing one, on the site of the former Piazza d’Armi, by virtue of its shape it is nicknamed “E’ tond” (lit. the circle) by the locals.

In addition to hosting equestrian sports competitions, the area is used for athletics competitions and football matches, but most of all it is frequented by runners who come here to train every day.

The track is 805 metres long and 19 metres large.

Parco Bosco Baronio

Parco Bosco Baronio (Ravenna)
Parco Bosco Baronio (Ravenna)

Realised on a 17-hectare-large free area, Parco Bosco Baronio qualifies as Ravenna’s largest urban forest.

Thanks to its privileged location, it acts as a point of contact between the historical centre and the residential area – a real gateway to the city with more than 4,000 tree species.

The area is characterised by a small lake populated by ducks. Around it, a circuit of 0.8 km perfect for walking and jogging. The park is also equipped with various area for outdoor gymnastics.

Other places to run or walk


There are various pine forests in the city, mainly along the coastline, where it is possible to do physical activity in a peaceful and natural environment.

The closest one to the city is the Pine forest of Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina, where it is possible to discover the bunkers of World War II while running.


What a better soundtrack than the sound of waves? Ravenna features a 35-km-long coastline, where you can also run on the shoreline, charming and quiet in winter, lively and coloured in summer.

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