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The bunkers of Punta Marina and Marina di Ravenna

Only a few people know that, but along the coastline of Ravenna it is possible to admire various military and defensive garrisons dating back to World War II.

In the area between Lido di Savio and Casal Borsetti, it is possible to see more than fifty German BUNKERS of different types, as well as various anti-tank barrages positioned around the mouth of the Candiano canal.

Between Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna, within a few kilometres, there is the largest number of bunkers and dragon’s teeth of the whole coastline.

Many of these ones, located in the state-owned area just behind the coastal dunes, can be visited and were renovated by Associazione dei volontari ravennati CRB 360°, with the support of the State Forestry Department of Punta Marina Terme.

In spring and summer, it is possible to take part in guided tours organised by volunteers of the Proloco di Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina.

There is also a project called Linea Galla Placidia, created with the aim of revaluing these military architectures through their valorisation, telling the stories of the people who lived during World War II.



The construction of the coastal defensive system

It was precisely the fear of an Allied landing in this area – behind the Gothic Line – that induced the German army to create a defensive system made of bunkers and defensive structures to protect the area and its many strategic points, in the early months of 1943. From these positions, in fact, it was possible to access the docks of the port and the large oil deposits of the city.

The bunkers – mainly of the Regelbau 668 or Tobruk type, equipped with anti-aircraft weapons – were built by Todt, a German construction company that used civilian labour, which was poorly paid and often kept under duress to carry out the work. This mechanism was efficient for several reasons: on the one hand, it did not involve the German troops and, on the other, it ensured better control of the local male population.

These defense structures were built with timber from fishing huts and a large quantity of pine trunks, felled during 1944.

Further information

Opening times

Always visible.


Many of the bunkers are located inside the pine forest. In some cases, they may thus be not accessible to people with physical disabilities.

How to get there

The bunkers are located along the coastline of Ravenna. The most easily reachable ones are located between Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna.

On foot: park your car along the coastline and then walk into the pine forest.

By bike: the bunkers can be easily reached by bike by following the cycle path along the coastline.

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