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Romagna Shallot
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Romagna Shallot is a type of onion of the species “Allium Ascalonicum”.
His PGI (since 1997) is to designate only the bulb chives. He has a particular shape flask, leathery skin and a reddish brown colour that distinguish it from all other varieties grown in the Italian regions and abroad.
It is grown without the use of fertilizers and chemical treatments.
Although Riolo Terme is the typical area of production of this product, it is very present also in Ravenna cooking.

It is used as the basis for the preparation of sauces, gravies, soups, fried, stuffed, stuffing and accompanying braised, stewed, roasted, boiled meat, stews and game. The fresh bulbs, trimmed from the outer skin and cut into thin slices, can be used together with cubes of ham and tomato to prepare the sauce for noodles or egg noodles. The leaves, harvested while still green, can spice up salads.
The Romagna Shallot should be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated. It should be consumed fresh by storing it in boxes that allow the perspiration, or in the freezer.

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