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In Ravenna, the world capital of mosaic, the great tradition of this ancient art has lived for centuries thanks to the continuous activity of many artists and restorers that contribute to pass it on.

Mosaic workshops

The historical centre and the surroundings host various workshops of mosaic artists, where it is possible to admire and buy prestigious objects, from original works of art to reproductions of the mosaics in the monuments of Ravenna.

Almost all of the studios offer visitors the opportunity to take part in workshops to try their hand and create a work of art with thousand-year-old techniques.

Printed textile

Another typical product of Romagna artisans is printed textile, realised with ancient techniques and tools. On hand-carved printing blocks, artisans put a mineral-based paste of different colours – among which the unique rust, obtained from a mixture of iron oxide, flour and wine vinegar.

In the historical centre it is still possible to find workshops that realise and sell these unique hand-made products.

Byzantine embroidery

Another living tradition in Ravenna is the production of Byzantine embroidery, a needlework of oriental origins dating back to the times of the Exarchate of Ravenna. At the time, it was used to decorate the clothes of exarchs and their courtiers.

Today, it is possible to admire the so-called “veil of Classe” at the National Museum of Ravenna, which also preserves some 9th-century embroideries. In some tailoring ateliers, you can still find products and courses dedicated to this unique and special technique.